Self Love

I just had some energy work done recently and she reviewed the state of my chakras ….   needless to say, I’m stuck in a few areas.   The findings were spot on with what I’ve been experiencing so no surprises.    One of the chakras that is NOT moving is at my throat.   […]

Let it go….

Hi, it’s been a while since getting a blog written (many started, in the cue and never sent out) so, let’s just say this is a few blog posts rolled into one.  Over the past couple months, our last au pair left, our new au pair arrived (LOVE her!),  Danny went back to work (after 9 […]

The Unconventional Life

Sometimes life seems so full, so fast, so scheduled and other times wide open, even a little slow or boring.  In between all of this I do a lot of keeping my antennae up for what I see and hear around me that may pertain to helping the boys.    I’m like a magnet for […]

Special Needs

It’s been ages since I’ve written and how I’ve missed it. I’ve had so many thoughts, feelings and ideas come and go over the past few years, yet finding the time to write has escaped me. Over the past 3 1/2 years my world has radically changed from acknowledging that I’m a ‘new’ mommy to […]


It’s been a whirlwind few years.  In the past three years I’ve gotten married, moved to Marin and given birth to two beautiful boys (two separate births – yes, I was pregnant for nearly two years straight!).   Needless to say, there have been some significant changes in my life and I’ve been confronted with […]

Fighting Perfectionism

Ok – so I’m long overdue for a blog … I’ve officially started (and stopped) at least 6 blog entries only to talk myself out of sending it out and making it public. I’ve had a case of the “it’s not good enough’s” lately – specifically pertaining to my writing. It’s funny, I’m starting to […]

To my beloved uncle

If this were it, what would you do? If you were told you had a short time left, how would you spend your time? What would you do differently, if anything? I have asked clients these questions hundreds of times and have mildly thought about them myself….. although, I can’t say that I’ve ever REALLY […]

Developing an ‘of course’ attitude….

Do you believe that the world you live in is created by you? One of my favorite coaches often says to me that I am the creator of my reality. While this mostly feels like an empowering statement, at times I find it frustrating, particularly when I’m not satisfied with the circumstances of my life. […]

Don’t sweat the small stuff…. and it’s all small stuff!

As some of you know, a couple of my relatives that I’m very close with have recently been diagnosed with cancer. Until now, my family for the most part has been in tact and healthy, therefore, I’ve not yet dealt with the loss of someone very close to me. I’ve lived under (to a certain […]

fIt’s a GOOD life

Today I’m keenly aware of the fabulous-ness of my life. Do you ever have these moments where you wonder how you got so lucky to have such a good life? I don’t have these all that often because usually I’m stuck someplace in the land of “if only I had that then….” It’s really a […]