Compare and ….. despair

I know this concept so so well and yet, I fall into the trap often. The pattern goes like this – I get something new (or at least new to me) – an outfit, a car, a phone, a house, a job….. and the list goes on. And, at first this ‘new’ item feels exhilarating […]

Send / Receive

Tap, tap, tap….. when will the message get here? I live in an impatient world. I have expectations of texts and emails being immediately answered – especially now that I have an “all inclusive” iphone. I find myself tapping on phone button embarrassingly often to see if anything new has arrived, as though I’m 5 […]

When Good Things Feel “Bad”

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Trusting the Process

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Want Different Results …. Change Your Actions

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24 hours ….

I read an article today (that my insightful boyfriend sent me) that really got me thinking about my life, my finances and most important, what I value most. Something I personally struggle with often is what I call ‘financial insecurity’. Although, I’ve not really examined this fully, I know it comes from a deep place […]

Crutches ….

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Telling the Truth…. Faster

I’ve always thought of myself as an honest person (mostly) – I don’t steal, I don’t

Remembering 2009

Since we are closing 2009, I thought I’d start a series of questions to help me and hopefully you reflect on this past year. Here’s to all the lessons – some learned and some I hope to learn the next time around. And, for the blessings – some apparent and some disguised. 1 My most […]

Keeping Your Word….

I’ve become increasingly aware of how easy it is to break a commitment …. it’s as easy as sending a text, leaving an impromptu voice mail or shooting an email (that goes directly to the person’s phone) to say you can’t make it or that you need to postpone. What did we do when we […]