Client Experiences

“ I came to Nikki with several career and life decisions to make.    I wasn’t clear on what I wanted next in my career – a potential job change on the other side of the country, start my own business or stay put in the job I had.    I was deliberating with my husband about when to buy a house and when we wanted to start a family.  But mostly I was struggling with clarifying my overall goals and vision for my life which was clouding my ability to make these more immediate decisions.    Nikki helped me to zero in on my ‘must haves’ in order to chart a path to my ultimate goals – having it all!  I left each meeting with a renewed sense of inspiration and determination.   It was such an amazing, eye opening experience that not only put me on the right path for success and happiness, but gave me increased self awareness and confidence.”

Heather M., Gap Inc.

“As a result of Nikki, our whole team is more engaged, energized and focused.”

Cindy C., Colliers International

“Nikki clear, directive approach helped me get to the core of the matter very quickly. She helped me to become free of doubt and fear so that I could move forward and achieve my dreams!”

Christine F.,  Acupuncturist

“Nikki is a great facilitator! She leads you to determine your future decisions and directions in all aspects of your life! I wouldn’t be pursuing my passion today without Nikki’s guidance and support.”

Edie F., Entrepreneur

“Nikki has a creative and individual way of listening that gave me the space to get clear on what I wanted and to move forward in my life. It was powerful work!”

Jessica H., L.A. Sports Club

“Nikki’s coaching assisted and directed me to concentrate on what I really wanted and to focus on my goals in a very direct way along with addressing whatever fears I needed to overcome to get to my goals.”

Barbara B., Wells Fargo

“Nikki’s attentiveness and warmth made it very easy to get to some core issues that I had not dealt with before so I could move forward and start fulfilling my dreams.”

Lisa M., Zephyr Realty

“Nikki asks targeted, focused questions that have a way of cutting through the distractions and getting to the heart of things.”

Molly M., Author

“My experience with Nikki changed my perspective, my mind, my work, my lifestyle and my heart…and that was just our first session! My experience working with Nikki was life-altering, challenging, thought provoking, and empowering!  I’m amazed by her perceptiveness and creative intuitions. If you’re ready for a growth spurt, give her a call.”

Adrienne P., Google

“Within two weeks of meeting Nikki, I gave notice at the job I’d been trying to leave for years.  I’ve now begun a career as a freelance writer and have more work than I could have imagined!   I’m living a life I’d only dreamt of.”

Samantha M., Published Author

“What a tremendous coach Nikki is.  She has a calm nature about her which gently pushes you to take action toward fulfilling your goals.  I’ve now left a job that I thought I could never leave to start a business that I’ve wanted to for years.   I’m seeing the limitless possibilities finally!  I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to work with her and would recommend her to anyone in need of coach, or anyone looking for focus or direction in their lives.”

Maria S., Gap Inc.

“Working with Nikki is like being a kid again — playing with that super smart friend who’s really good at puzzles. In my first session, Nikki helped me discover the missing piece to work-life balance that had eluded me for almost 20 years. She helped me realize that it is possible to make a good living while having the time to pursue my creative interests. In subsequent sessions, I gave Nikki more of my puzzle-pieces, and she helped me sort them out and fit them together  into the right picture –and quickly.”

Roxane C., Published Author

“Nikki did an exceptional job helping our firm to identify the ‘real’ issues we were struggling with as an office – how to prioritize, time management and clear communication.   She created a productive, open discussion to bring these issues to the forefront.  She was dedicated to our staff throughout our sessions and available as an outside resource.  I hope to work with her again be it through my firm or on a personal level.”

Bethany P., FME Design + Architecture

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