Self Love

I just had some energy work done recently and she reviewed the state of my chakras ….   needless to say, I’m stuck in a few areas.   The findings were spot on with what I’ve been experiencing so no surprises.    One of the chakras that is NOT moving is at my throat.   […]

Let it go….

Hi, it’s been a while since getting a blog written (many started, in the cue and never sent out) so, let’s just say this is a few blog posts rolled into one.  Over the past couple months, our last au pair left, our new au pair arrived (LOVE her!),  Danny went back to work (after 9 […]

The Unconventional Life

Sometimes life seems so full, so fast, so scheduled and other times wide open, even a little slow or boring.  In between all of this I do a lot of keeping my antennae up for what I see and hear around me that may pertain to helping the boys.    I’m like a magnet for […]

Special Needs

It’s been ages since I’ve written and how I’ve missed it. I’ve had so many thoughts, feelings and ideas come and go over the past few years, yet finding the time to write has escaped me. Over the past 3 1/2 years my world has radically changed from acknowledging that I’m a ‘new’ mommy to […]


It’s been a whirlwind few years.  In the past three years I’ve gotten married, moved to Marin and given birth to two beautiful boys (two separate births – yes, I was pregnant for nearly two years straight!).   Needless to say, there have been some significant changes in my life and I’ve been confronted with […]

Old and New Identities

In the past two years I’ve gotten married, given birth to a beautiful baby boy who is now 11 months old, gotten pregnant again (now 5 1/2 months),  moved to a new home in Marin, California and continue my business as a coach.    As my coach so eloquently reminded me I’ve been very busy manifesting […]

Curve Balls

As a Virgo who is somewhat order-fanatic and slightly OCD, I’m not always a fan of plans changing or not playing out according to my vision.    For most of my life I’ve worked hard to hide this part of myself and instead personify the woman who is flexible and virtually unaffected by change.    Now, I […]

“I am what I am”

Six months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Carson Thomas Miller.    The process of being pregnant and going through labor was by far the most extraordinary, super-natural experience of my life.   To have a being created inside of you is almost unimaginable…..  Throughout my pregnancy I had feedback from several outside sources […]

King of the Hill

Lately, my heart has been a bit heavy – just sort of a dreary sadness like an overcast day that wants to rain ….  and then drizzles a little.    I can’t quite put my finger on it as to why I feel this way given that my life is pretty sweet today.   As of late, […]

Growing Pains

Lately I’ve had a series of seeming ‘mishaps’ occur in my life that feel like they’re testing my last strand of patience.    Each mishap alone seems trivial but bunched together in a short amount of time they have felt heavy, unfortunate and almost intolerable.    It all started so sweet and innocent.  A few months ago […]