Curve Balls

curveballAs a Virgo who is somewhat order-fanatic and slightly OCD, I’m not always a fan of plans changing or not playing out according to my vision.    For most of my life I’ve worked hard to hide this part of myself and instead personify the woman who is flexible and virtually unaffected by change.    Now, I want to be clear, I am a fan of change and taking risk – it in fact energizes me and gives me something to look forward to.    However, there are often day-to-day events that change, cancel and reschedule that don’t always sit so well.    As a coach, I work with many professionals who are fervently working toward being more productive and more efficient in their work life for the sake of advancement and creating more balance.     A common complaint is how to manage the components they cannot control  – meetings extending an extra two hours when you’ve only allocated 30-minutes OR rushing to the office to make a meeting only to find a cancellation note in your inbox when you arrive.    For those that are moms, you know how hard it is to manage when the playdate cancels and you are left with open time that you must occupy for your sanity.

As frustrating as ‘curve balls’ can be, I believe they can also serve a purpose.    They can teach us flexibility and sometimes put things in perspective on level of importance.    They are also an opportunity to be creative and come up with a new game plan – for some this means speaking up, reaching out and/or taking a risk they normally wouldn’t have taken.    Recently, I was thrown a pretty big curve ball of becoming pregnant sooner than I anticipated (my son is almost 9 months and I am 12 weeks pregnant).   Not exactly what I had in mind as our game plan however, I certainly don’t see this as bad news either.    Just different than what I’d anticipated.     What an excellent opportunity to be flexible and creative with where I spend my time over the next six months.   Just when I was getting my bearings with having our first child, here comes number two!   What I notice is that this bit of time pressure is forcing me to be more deliberate with how I work, where I spend my time and what I say yes/no to on a day-to-day basis.

Perspective is everything…..   how do you manage the curve balls in your life?     Do you fall prey to becoming the victim of outside sources changing your game plan or do you take charge and make opportunities out of change?    I’d love to hear your experience.

Here’s to acceptance and appreciation for change.