Developing an ‘of course’ attitude….

Do you believe that the world you live in is created by you? One of my favorite coaches often says to me that I am the creator of my reality. While this mostly feels like an empowering statement, at times I find it frustrating, particularly when I’m not satisfied with the circumstances of my life. What this statement says to me is that my reality sits with me. If things are not going ‘my way’, I am responsible (at least to some degree) for my experience.

I was watching the Emmy’s last night and the host from the show Survivor (who won an award) said something to the effect of ….. “don’t give up on your dreams…. this was a dream of mine, and it’s come true.” In essence, he created his reality by continuing to believe in his dream. Although, I’ve probably read and/or heard a variation of this statement a hundred times over, I was profoundly struck by his words. I began to think about my dreams … some of which have and are coming true and others that to some degree, I’ve dismissed. I realize that the dreams that have been put on the back burner are those that seem too big, to far away or logistically impossible (at least immediately). I’ve made a decision (conscious or unconscious) that that dream isn’t possible… at least not right now. What a shame!

As I reflect on this I recall having this discussion with a good friend….. why some things are so easy to believe in and others a challenge. For example, I always assume (believe) that I will get a parking space (however big or small this ‘dream’ is, it never waivers for me) and, of course, I always do! I have also always believed that I would have great friends and again, I do and always have. These are two areas within my life that I’ve never questioned – ever. I call this an ‘of course’ attitude – an assumption that something is going to go a certain way …. and it does. As in ‘of course’ I have a fabulous boyfriend … why wouldn’t I? : )

So, I wonder….. why is it that I have this ‘of course’ attitude in some areas of my life and an attitude of questioning or doubt in others? Why is it I question whether I’ll be able to build a multi-million dollar business but not whether I’ll get married someday? I have a good friend and she’s the complete opposite….. fretting over not being hitched and doubting it will ever happen, yet, wildly successful professionally. Intriguing … don’t you think?

I propose that developing a stronger belief (or faith) in certain areas of your life is like developing new muscles. There are some muscles that I….. you…. we…. use regularly, without a thought. And, there are other muscles that when used it feels awkward, uncomfortable and even a bit frustrating. I recall when I worked with a personal trainer and some of the exercises were almost impossible in the beginning ….they felt unnatural and challenging…. and so many times I wanted to give up! Often I was sore afterward because I was using a new muscle (or muscles) and was being stretched beyond my comfort zone. In the end, I ALWAYS felt better for a couple reasons – 1) I was stronger. 2) I did something I thought was impossible. And, within a seemingly short time, the exercise was no longer THAT hard … I did it without too much struggle. So, can this same philosophy not be used for developing faith? I think so…..

There are many ways to develop your muscles of faith….. talk to people who are strong believers and highly positive, go to an inspiring talk, listen to a podcast from someone who pushes you to dream bigger…. these are all great ways to reinforce your muscles getting stronger. And, at the end of the day, the most important thing you can do is make a decision NOT to waiver on achieving and having what you want in your life. Why not adopt an ‘of course’ attitude? What do you have to lose? Remember, like attracts like – so if you believe something will happen …. most likely IT WILL! So…. what will you decide for today? I’m deciding that today is going to be AMAZING with plenty of new opportunities coming my way!

Here’s to becoming more ‘muscular’! ; )